Terms and conditions

Bonus terms

  1. By default, the user agrees with the terms and conditions presented on this site. All terms and conditions come into force from the moment they are published on the site. The administration has the right to change, delete and make any adjustments to any conditions without prior notice to anyone.
  2. The presence of a player on this site automatically means that he/she has read all the terms and conditions and agrees with them. Otherwise, leave the site.
  3. The administration of the site is not responsible for possible violation of the gambling laws by the user according to the laws of the country he/she represents. The presence of the user on this site means that he/she has reached the age of majority (adulthood according to local law), understands and accepts all the risks associated with gambling. In case of cheating or fraudulent activity with documents, the site administration is not responsible for the consequences of playing on this site.
  4. The user undertakes to monitor independently the security of his/her account and not to give access to it by third parties. By default, the site administration perceives any activity on the user’s account as legal, since it's the user who is obliged to preserve his/her personal data (which includes the username and password).
  5. For its part, the casino administration is obliged not to transfer user's data to third parties (except for cases when it's required by the law authorities), however, the casino administration does not bear any responsibility if access to the account was obtained illegally or voluntary by third parties.
  6. The user must provide only true personal information.
  7. This casino has a rule: only one account for one physical address, from one IP and device can be created. Otherwise, if several accounts are found out to violate the conditions described above, the administration of the casino reserves the right to close all accounts, cancel winnings and/or make compensation for the damage caused by such illegal activity.
  8. By default, when playing in this casino, the player agrees that he/she may suffer financial losses. In this case, the casino doesn't accept any claims.
  9. The casino declines its obligation to pay taxes or any other payments related to gambling in the user's country. By default, this is the user's responsibility. In this case, he/she acts at his/her discretion, and the casino isn't responsible for his/her decision.
  10. The user is obliged to know the legislation of his/her country regarding gambling on the Internet. If the user decides to violate any prohibitions, the casino won't take the consequences for this decision.
  11. The user agrees not to violate the rules of the casino and certain provisions. The user also agrees to use his/her account exclusively for playing in the casino and for depositing and withdrawing funds. If the user is caught out in fraud, the casino reserves the right to confiscate funds from the user's account.
  12. The user is obliged to know the terms and conditions of any promotion in which he/she plans to take part. The user also assumes the obligation not to violate the rules and regulations of the bonus policy of the casino. More information about bonus policy can be found here.
  13. Free spins wagering begins only after they are used. If you received a double bonus (cash bonus + free spins), the wagering of this bonus starts only after all received free spins are used.
  14. The rules and principles for obtaining compounds (BP) are described here.
  15. Cashback Terms and Conditions
    1. The percentage of cashback (from 5 to 20%) depends on the level of the player.
    2. Cashback is given daily for the period from yesterday 21:00 to 20:59 of the current day.
    3. Cashback can be activated in the Bonuses section within 3 days. Wager is x3.
    4. The maximal withdrawal is limited with an x5 amount of a received cashback sum.
    5. Min amount for accrual cashback - 0.5 USD / 0.5 EUR / 2 PLN / 20 RUB / 10 UAH.
    6. Cashback calculation formula: (Deposit - Withdrawal - Current cash balance) * N%, where N% is the percentage of your cashback, depending on the level.
  16. In tournaments, only real money bets are taken into account. Bets made in card games and any kind of roulette are not taken into account.
  17. Tournament points are awarded depending on the value of bets made in games calculated at the internal rate depending on the player’s currency. The rate changes daily, it is the same for all players with one currency and equivalent to players with other currencies.
  18. Tournament prizes can be received in the bonuses section. Tournament prizes are available during seven days after the end of the tournament. In cash prize tournaments, the maximum withdrawal amount after wagering is equal to the bonus amount. In free spins tournaments, the maximum withdrawal amount is $75 / €75 / 350 PLN / 5000 RUB / 2800 UAH. These conditions are applied by default if other conditions aren't specified in the tournament or bonus policy.
  19. The administration of the casino reserves the right to keep record of user transactions in order to identify fraudulent activities. If such activity is detected, the administration has the right to cancel the bonus for a user and make compensation for all damage caused to the casino by unfair user's actions.
  20. Various strategies fall under fraudulent activities to reduce risks of multi-accounting, unfair play, abuse of bonus policies and a number of other actions that are unacceptable from the point of view of the casino administration. In such cases, the casino has the right to confiscate winnings.
  21. The user must understand that, for example, always making max bets in order to wager the bonus as quickly as possible results in a sharp decrease in activity and amounts of max bets for no apparent reason, thus automatically arousing suspicion from the casino security service. Therefore, we inform you in advance: the casino doesn't appreciate such tactics and game techniques. Otherwise, the user may receive a number of restrictive measures
  22. In this case (violation of the rules of the bonus policy), the administration of the casino has the right to deactivate all active bonuses, cancel funds won by dishonest means and block the account.
  23. Any technical problems occurring while playing are not a problem of this casino. We are not responsible for the operation of telecommunicating or any other equipment that, as a result of a malfunction, led to financial losses of the user. The same goes for software bugs.
  24. However, if software errors are detected, the user agrees to inform the administration of this casino about this. Moreover, if it becomes known that the player didn't inform the casino but continued to exploit this error for his/her own purposes, the casino administration has the right to make compensation for the damage received due to software problems of the product.
  25. Account verification, deposits and withdrawal
    1. The casino administration is eligible to carry out a comprehensive verification of the player's identity at any time, regardless of the current status of the player. Verification could include providing copies of your passport, utility bills, selfies with documents, webcam verification, or any other method. When using credit cards, the casino administration has the right to request a scan or a selfie with the face side of the card.
    2. For this, the player is required to send us a copy or a digital photo of his/her identity document. When making a deposit with a credit card you must send a copy of both sides of the card. The first six and the last four digits of the card should be visible, CVV2 code should be hidden. If you fail to pass this verification during 7 day period, it will result an account closure until the verification procedure is completed and you will be charged a monthly fee of 7 USD for the verification period.
    3. A player guarantees that all documents requested by the casino belong to him/her personally, and they have not been corrected. Otherwise (if the player has provided deliberately false or falsified documents), the casino administration has the right to confiscate the funds in the account.
    4. When making a deposit or withdrawal, a player is obliged to use only his/her personal financial details. This means that your first and last name in your account must match the first and last name of your credit card holder, bank account and other payment systems.
    5. The casino reserves the right to withhold 20% of the withdrawal amount if you haven’t met the x3 wagering condition (except all table games and those slots not falling under the wagering requirements). Please note that 15% of the bets made in all table games are taken into account when wagering.
    6. The casino can refuse to process a withdrawal until the user goes through the identification procedure.
    7. Verification of documents takes up to 24 hours from the date of submission of the last document.
  26. Refund policy
    1. No refund can be issued once the alleged deposit has been used.
    2. A request for refund can only be considered if it is requested within the first 24 (twenty-four) hours after the alleged transaction or within thirty (30) days, but only if the player claims that another person (or minor) had access to his/her User Account.
    3. The casino administration has the right to refuse return of any amount until the User's identity is properly verified. In this case, we must get guarantees that after the return, the User who received the return will be able to continue making deposits at casino legally. By default, a player agrees to provide notarized identity documents in accordance with the applicable laws of their country. These documents are provided at our request. If such notarized identity documents are not provided within five (5) days after our request, then no refund will be issued, the player account will be blocked and all funds will be debited. Such a decision will be final, binding and non-appealable.
  27. If the casino administration suspects the user of technical manipulations, it has the right to initiate an investigation against such a user which may entail various kinds of sanctions, up to freezing/closing the account with subsequent confiscation of funds.
  28. If the casino administration reveals a violation of the rules, then it (the administration) reserves the right to close the player’s account and withdraw the winnings as compensation to cover losses the casino suffer due to fraud actions of the user.
  29. Funds and winnings are not transferable and cannot be assigned to 3rd parties unless the operator agrees.
  30. The order, amounts, payment systems and terms of withdrawal can be found at this link.
  31. The casino reserves the right not to withdraw the player’s funds exactly until he/she has pass the full verification of identity.
  32. The verification procedure can take up to 24 business hours; during this period, requests for withdrawal can be canceled.
  33. By default, the user agrees to receive e-mail newsletter from this casino.
  34. The United States of America and its territories, France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus, Curaçao, Austria, Belgium, North Korea, Iran, and Myanmar citizens are not allowed to access the Casino. The Casino cannot guarantee successful processing of withdrawals or refunds in the event that Player violates this restriction policy.
  35. These Terms are governed by the laws of Curacao and the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Curacao courts and to the rules of arbitration in accordance with applicable law.
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